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Flow of Your First Appointment

“I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.” - Joyce Meyer


During your initial appointment at our office, our friendly and compassionate staff will welcome you. You'll be requested to complete the necessary forms that provide us with crucial details about you and your situation. Subsequently, the doctor will engage in a conversation with you and inquire about your specific condition. This dialogue aims to ascertain the most effective ways we can assist you. If it's decided that Chiropractic care could be beneficial, a comprehensive Chiropractic examination will be conducted. Rest assured, nothing will be undertaken in our office unless we have your explicit consent.


Following a comprehensive discussion with the doctor, you'll undergo a thorough Chiropractic examination. This assessment encompasses evaluations of your reflexes, your capacity for movement including turning and bending, and various standard assessments involving orthopedic, neurological, postural, and physical examinations. Through these examinations, the doctor will gather valuable insights into your condition, enabling a clear comprehension of how chiropractic methods can offer assistance tailored to your needs

Knee Joint Examination



Putting You First


Patient-Centered Treatment


The Tools You Need

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