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“Your body holds deep wisdom. Trust in it. Learn from it. Nourish it. Watch your life transform and be healthy.” – Bella Bleue


Various factors can trigger headaches. Among these, the most prevalent headache types are tension headaches, migraines, cervicogenic headache and cluster headaches. 


Cervicogenic headaches arise from taut muscles within the neck. Pain frequently extends from a specific region of the neck or upper shoulders and radiates into the head. 


Migraines typically manifest on one side of the head and are accompanied by sensitivity to light or sound. Some individuals enduring migraines also encounter nausea. These symptoms can also be linked to the menstrual cycles in women. 


Cluster headaches presents with pain deep behind one of your eyeball. 


Tension headaches manifest along the forehead. 


Sinus headaches occur within the spaces beneath the brow surfaces, beneath the eyes, and over the nasal area. 


TMJ headaches are connected to discomfort, "clicking" or catching sensations, and limited movement in the jaw. 

Numerous headaches, including tension headaches, can be attributed to misalignments in the neck or cranial bones, as well as taut muscles in the neck and shoulders. The good news is that at Adept Chiropractic, effective solutions are available for addressing these forms of headaches. 


At Adept, we strive to identify the underlying cause of each headache. This involves conducting a comprehensive patient history review, a thorough chiropractic assessment, and employing cervical spinal x-rays if needed.


If you're facing any of the aforementioned symptoms and are seeking relief from migraine, headaches or other forms of chiropractic treatment, visit us at Adept Chiropractic.

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